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Financial Planning

Kudos to you for diving in and learning more about what Financial Planning means at Gateway! If you’ve gotten this far, we know you’re serious about your financial priorities and that is exactly why Gateway is here to help!

At Gateway, Financial Planning is approached as “Quality Life Planning.” This means that we’re here to help take the “IF” out of LIFE so you can LIVE! Our process asks four universal questions:

  • What IF I live?
  • What IF I linger?
  • What IF I leave (divorce)?
  • What is my Legacy?

By default or by design, we all leave a legacy – Gateway is here to help you leave a legacy by design. In answering each of those four questions, we know we’ve helped you plan for any scenario – even the unexpected.  Financial Planning is simply tying in all the pieces of your finances into one cohesive strategy.  An overwhelming topic, made simple, relatable, and practical. That is how Gateway helps you leave a legacy by design!

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We know, we know – insurance is not an exciting topic to read about. It’s not really an exciting topic to write about either – but we’ll make it quick.  We BELIEVE IN insurance. In fact, we believe in it so much – we have an entire business dedicated to it: Gateway Insurance Group  As you’ve built assets that need managing, your insurance approach needs managed too. Life changes; so, your policies need to grow and change too.  Gateway can help with life insurance, long term care insurance, disability insurance, home/auto insurance, and so much more!  We cannot stress how important insurance is when it comes to your overall financial health.  You can trust Gateway to craft a plan that provides the right protections for you.

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No financial jargon here – just a quick read on how Gateway simplifies investing for our clients! Gateway believes investing doesn’t have to be intimidating. Investments include: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, alternative investments, general securities, and the list goes on.  Each of these serve a purpose, but it is Gateway’s job to find out what your goals and objectives are – and then build a strategy to fulfill a purpose for you.

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Asset Management

When you were a little kid, what were your big dreams? Close your eyes and reimagine what they were. Did they include a nice home?  A loving family?  A cool car? A bank account full of money?  Those are all assets and they serve you best when they’re utilized efficiently and monitored regularly.  There are many philosophies to asset management – but Gateway’s employs risk management and reward management.  Every choice in life carries risks and rewards and it is Gateway’s job to ask the right questions, help you understand the risks and rewards, and then empower you to make an educated decision so you can put your assets to work for you.

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Employee Benefits

Finding good talent is hard, keeping them is even harder! Don’t be jealous, but Gateway is blessed with THE BEST associates. Enough bragging, let’s get into the facts – business owners across America are always on the lookout for ways to maximize their budgets – from the money they spend on payroll and staffing, to overhead expenses like rent, utilities, and business insurance, to optimizing tax credits, write-offs, and more, balancing a budget is more than a full-time job.  It’s no wonder they often want other attractive benefits to keep employees engaged.  Gateway works with business owners to secure benefits like: medical, dental, and vision insurance, HSAs and Qualified Retirement plans, long term and short term disability policies and more. Gateway is here to be your budget-friendly, employee retention advocate.

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Gateway Benefit Suite

The Gateway Benefit Suite is designed to help you stand out from the competition, add value to your existing client relationships, gain more referrals, and grow your business.  The Gateway Benefit Suite (powered by Elite Marketing) offers six money-saving benefits to protect your client’s health and wealth, as well as save them time and money on their day-to-day expenses.  Benefits include: Telemedicine, ID Protection (identity theft protection), Retail Savings, Roadside Auto Services, Travel Savings, and Tech Coach Experts.

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